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Greylane Capital

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About us

Who are we ?

Greylane Capital is a Private Equity Investment Firm based in Nevada. 

When we decide to work with a new company, we invest ourselves fully in all facets of their business. We are looking for innovation, hard work and ambition, and we have strict criteria for selecting our next partners.

By investing in just a few companies each year, we have the opportunity to focus on those that we believe have the founders, the team and the drive to succeed.

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Our Company

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Curious and self-governing, we aim at delivering a consistent performance

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In a constant evolving world our duty is to anticipate and mitigate

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It is a matter of principle and necessity towards our investors and partners

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We analyse needs, define strategy and, when necessary, consult our network of external experts

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Our focus of Business

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Our advisory team provides a wide range of strategic services to help our investors future-proof their portfolios and challenge conventional thinking.

Our investment team identifies, collaborate, and invest in the next generation of market- leading companies.

Together, this convergence of investment expertise and advisory services delivers exceptional results.
It creates opportunities for future industry-leading companies to act on emerging trends, leverage evolving technologies, and build stronger, more resilient businesses.


1905 Redbird Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89134 - USA

+1 (702) 441-0993

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